Daily Leadership Thought #64 – You Are Your Values

December 3, 2010

Living By Your Values | The Inspirational Lifestyle

There is nothing more important a leader can bring to an organization than his/her values.  It is the organizational DNA.  Our values define us.  They indicate what we will or will not tolerate.  They reflect what inspires us and pushes us forward despite any impending obstacles.  They are a good barometer of who will excel or struggle in an organization.  It is my belief that most people are striving to find meaning in their lives through their work, relationships, etc.  One way they do this is through finding other people with shared beliefs and values to help them interpret their reality.  High performing leaders have always understood the values dynamic and do their best to ensure there is clarity around the cultural principles of the company.  They are mindful enough to lead by example.  They also create systems to carefully screen who gets hired, promoted, and exits an organization because of a values fit or lack thereof.