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Daily Leadership Thought #181 – What Are Your Priorities?

July 26, 2011

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It is impossible to be genuinely happy and successful in life without a keen sense of priorities.  There are no shortage of distractions competing for your attention.  It is easy to get out of balance and sidetracked by issues that are comparatively unimportant issues in the wide scheme of things.   Sadly, we often take for granted people we shouldn’t and tend to lose our perspective when we need it most.   Many people I meet struggle with guilt and regret over what they wish they had done differently in certain areas of their life.  Often, they are unhappy with how they prioritized their time, energy, and attention.

Strong priorities should be the foundation upon which you build your life.  I’ve often heard the saying if you want to know what a person values watch what they do rather than listening to what they have to say.  It’s much easier to understand a concept than put it into practice.  If you are not careful, then over time you will get further and further away from the person you wanted to be and the life you imagined.  At first it happens subtly and gradually, however at the midpoint of life there is usually some type of catharsis or breakdown that spurs you into action and decision making that often isn’t healthy or productive (although we rationalize it at the time).

I’d like to offer the following observations for you to consider and to help you gauge where you may need to reprioritize some things in your own life:

Time is finite.  Once it’s gone it is gone.  So how you spend your time and energy is critical to your level of happiness and personal fulfillment.  We all need basic priorities around family, health, friendships, spirituality, and work that will allow us to make the best possible decisions given who we want to be with the time we have left.