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Daily Leadership Thought #105 – Challenge Conventional Wisdom

March 11, 2011

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Progress happens by challenging conventional wisdom.

When everyone begins to feel or think the same way about something I encourage you to at least consider an alternative point of view.  The reality is that only a small percentage of the population is comprised of naturally born leaders (roughly 10-15%).  This number gets even smaller if you add an innovation and/or a pioneering filter into the equation.  Most of us simply aren’t hardwired to challenge the status quo and quite frankly are looking for others to define what conventional wisdom is in any given situation.  Looking at the world differently or through unconventional means is a rare but necessary trait in any group context.

All great inventions have challenged the status quo.  Completely new industries were created by people who were unwilling to accept the world as it rather than what it could become.  There may not always be a better way to do something but it’s important to entertain the idea and push the limits of what’s achievable.  Of course, there are certain fundamental realities we operate under and that have served us well (sometimes for centuries).  Not everything is always in need of change or an altered perspective, however, unless we ask the questions, we will never know what’s possible.