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Daily Leadership Thought #109 – Think BIGGER

March 22, 2011

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Making noteworthy progress on anything requires you to think bigger.

It’s extremely easy to narrow our definition of what’s possible if we are not careful.  In any situation there are inevitably obstacles to be overcome.  However, these barriers to our success should not hinder our creativity but instead ignite it.  While many things may not seem probable, there is truly little that isn’t possible.  As Napoleon Hill stated in his seminal book many years ago, Think and Grow Rich,What the Mind Can Conceive and Believe It Can Achieve.”

Just think of the advances you have seen in your own lifetime.  People can live with artificial organs and withstand medical transplants.  Many diseases that used to be a certain death sentence are now treated successfully with medication. We can reach all corners of the globe with almost instantaneous communication.  About every home has a personal computer and access to information and tools that any library from our childhood would consider impossible to store in one place.  NASA can explore space in ways that are often hard to fathom and continually pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the cosmos.

The history of mankind is the story of progress over conventional thinking.  Sometimes people had no choice but to adapt and evolve to their external environment to ensure their own survival.  However, in most cases, it has simply been an individual or group of people who were unwilling to accept things as they were and strive to find a better way and/or answer questions about their current reality and how to make it better.

How are you approaching your own life?  Are you boxing yourself in by limiting your own thinking about what’s possible or are you thinking bigger about your potential and capacity for health, happiness, and success?