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Daily Leadership Thought #195 – Take Responsibility For Your Own Success

August 15, 2011

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Success always requires some level of personal responsibility!

Unless you win the lottery or are born into it, wealth doesn’t just land in your lap.  Passively pursuing success never works.  Far too many people are waiting for their ship to come in and they haven’t even chartered a boat yet.  You must create the conditions for success for it to happen.  It all starts with YOU and your willingness to believe in and bet on yourself.

It’s much easier to hitch your wagon to someone else’s wagon train. Most of the population depends on the decisions of others for their job security, how much money they make and what they do for a living.  The rationale seems to be to let someone else take the risks and manage the business stress.  Most employees hope that if they show up and simply do their jobs well then good things will happen.  Well, how is this mindset working for you these days?  Hope is not a strategy, it’s an emotion that often leads to unrealistic expectations and disappointment.

The world is full of opportunities even during these trying economic times and it always will be.  What differentiates people who are successful from those who are not is a willingness to bet on themselves, take calculated risks, learn from their mistakes, think long-term, never rest on their laurels, surround themselves with good people, and take positive action.  The good news is that you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to make this happen, you can also become an intrapreneur and do it within someone else’s company.  People who are self-confident, take the initiative and continually strive to make a positive difference will always be in demand.  What matters most is your attitude and how you approach your work and life in general.

Time is short.  For some of us it is more precious than others.  Waiting for the right time to take control of your destiny will only delay your results: good, bad, or otherwise.  Even bad results are preferable to no results at all because they build your character and teach you valuable lessons.  What’s important is creating and leveraging opportunities for yourself and others.   Life rewards people who act.  It ends up disappointing or humbling people who sit on the sidelines and only dream or talk of what’s possible.  Don’t be a spectator of your own life…