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Daily Leadership Thought #152 – Tomorrow Is Always A New Day

June 13, 2011

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Every new day is an opportunity!

As we commence a new work week it is worth reflecting on the idea that tomorrow is another day.  Whatever happened last week is gone.  Hopefully, you had a nice weekend with many opportunities to relax and recharge.  Monday starts the week anew.  We get a chance to start over and have a good week (or not).  What we do know is that regardless of what happens we will be in this same position seven days from now.  In fact, on Tuesday we get to improve upon Monday and so it goes all week long.

There will be ups and downs.  Good days and bad ones. There will be times we feel on top of our game and other times where we will feel completely lost and hapless. Fortunately, very few decisions and actions in life are fatal (thank goodness).   We can recover from just about anything.  Life is about resilience.  Every day if you just show up, do your best, and not get too self-absorbed or sidetracked by adversity good things will happen – it is inevitable.

Each new day is a gift.  It is a blank canvas.  With rare exception we get to decide what gets painted inside the frame.   Very often external events will intervene, but the good news is that whatever happens we get to start over again tomorrow.  Of course, your daily activities will accumulate, and trends will emerge.  Actions do have consequences.  You can’t run from reality.  However, don’t get mired in defeat or bask in success too long.   Tomorrow is always a new day and a chance to remake ourselves and live the life we want.  Happy Monday!