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Birthday Greetings – Thoughts on Life – 2013

April 6, 2013

I typically ask my friends and clients to share some wisdom about life when it is their birthday.  I am always impressed by what they produce.  The following is my own humble attempt to offer ten thoughts on the same topic:

A life is defined by the quality of your relationships.

The highest quality relationship we can have is unconditional love – endeavor to give it and aspire to achieve it.

What you decide to do for a living is choice and don’t be afraid to make changes if it isn’t bringing out the best parts of you.

You can often get a true sense of someone’s character by how they treat those who are more vulnerable than themselves, especially pets, children, and the elderly.

Everyone needs things that ground them in life and remind them they are part of something bigger than themselves.

People are multidimensional and shouldn’t be viewed in singular terms.  We all have reasons for doing what we do.

Be wary of becoming too judgmental. Often you don’t have all the information necessary to make an accurate determination and life has a way of eventually altering your perspective.

The issues we have with other people often says more about us than them.

Start each day by looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “am I becoming the person I want to become?” If not, explore why and make the necessary changes.

End each day by counting your blessings and expressing gratitude to those who helped make your journey easier that day.

I feel fortunate to have made it this far in life.  Not everyone gets to live this long.  As we age it becomes more obvious that time is finite.  I wish you well on your own journey and that the time you have left is well spent.