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Daily Leadership Thought #58 – Emotions Aren’t Bad

November 22, 2010

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Emotions aren’t bad, they just need to be appropriate to the situation and managed accordingly.  In my experience, people often won’t trust or have other concerns about a leader or colleague who is devoid of emotion and stoic in all situations.  They want authenticity.  The strong silent leadership archetype is no longer as useful as it once was; employees have changed and so have the times.  Sometimes anger is appropriate, just don’t let it get the best of you or cause you to take actions you will later regret.  Worrying can be a useful motivator if it doesn’t become all encompassing.   Fear can be a natural response to things, but acknowledge it, address it, and move on.  Joy can be infectious and should be shared with others to boost their spirits as well.  It’s also okay to be silly and lighten the mood occasionally.  Being human means being vulnerable and experiencing a wide gamut of natural emotions.  Don’t suppress what you are feeling.  Instead, use it as a means of connecting to others and letting them know it’s okay to be vulnerable as well.  Just make sure you are professional and adult about it.