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Daily Leadership Thought #56 – Work/Life Balance Is Important

November 15, 2010

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It’s important to have balance in your life.  As we begin a new week, it’s important to reflect on the weekend past.  My sincere hope is that you had a nice couple of days off with minimal thoughts regarding the pressures of work.  Everyone needs to unplug on a regular basis and focus on being their non-work self.    My experience has always been that the best leaders are never one-dimensional people.  They live vibrant personal and professional lives.   How are you spending your non-work time?  Are you broadening and deepening your sense of self and your relationships with others who are important to you OR are you allowing your work to define everything about you?   I encourage you not to lose yourself in the process of striving to become successful.  Time is finite – we never get it back once it’s gone.  We can also never truly make up for what we have lost.