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There Is Much To Learn From Saint Patrick

March 17, 2020

You don’t have to be Catholic to admire and appreciate the life of Saint Patrick – the Patron Saint of Ireland.  He was born more than 1,600 years ago but his memory still lives on.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that his holiday is often a day of much fanfare and celebration for people of Irish background.  Saint Patrick himself was known to enjoy a drink or two.  However, the celebratory aspect of the day should not overshadow the remarkable life and good works of the man.

As a teenager of wealth and privilege, he was kidnapped and taken from his adopted home of Scotland (his parents were originally from Rome) bought to Ireland, and sold into slavery.  At the age of twenty, he escaped his bondage and found his way back home only to volunteer to return to Ireland in his thirties as an ordained priest on a missionary quest. He spent the remainder of his life spreading his beliefs throughout the country and converting people from all walks of life.  It’s worth noting that his journey was not an easy one and he was often imprisoned and beaten because of the courage of his convictions and the success of his work.

There is much to learn from the life of Saint Patrick including the following:

To my knowledge, the Vatican never officially canonized Saint Patrick, but he is still on the list of saints.  Sometimes a life’s work stands on its own.  If you raise a glass in toast this weekend, I encourage you to consider toasting Saint Patrick.  He was a special man who accomplished important things despite many difficulties and hardships.  He put the welfare of others ahead of his own and was the spark that transformed the religious faith of a nation.

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