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Leadership Thought #456 – Life Goes On

November 22, 2013

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A fascinating aspect of our human existence is that despite what happens to us, in most cases, life simply goes on.  The world stops for no one regardless of the challenge or tragedy they are confronting.  Others may pause and offer support for a brief period, but they have their own journeys to tend to.  Of course, we all know how the journey ends but until that point, we are forced to be resilient and navigate whatever twists and turns come our way.  No matter how far you climb the ladder of life there will always be some things beyond your capacity to control.  Sometimes all we can do is accept our circumstances and react in the best way we can.

There are always lessons to be learned.  Hopefully, we are open and willing to embrace these moments for personal growth (although it may take some time).  Resisting what the universe is trying to teach you is a pointless endeavor.  I’ve grown to believe that one of the many benefits of aging is that it offers us an ever-sharpening perspective on what is most important.  You begin adulthood in a very egocentric mindset and realize, with time, that how your actions affect others is much more important than getting what you think you want.  Your definitions of success will also change as you are humbled by life and watch others struggle with their own journeys.

One day we will be here and the next we will be gone.  We can guess when that will be, but we will probably be off in our calculations.  If we are fortunate, we will be deeply missed and appreciated by those we did our best to care about and love.  What’s left behind is the legacy we leave in and through them and others.  Life goes on and it always will.  Our opportunity for personal contribution will always be short in the wide scheme of things.  The fact that we know this should embolden us to live the best life we can regardless of the circumstances.  Every day is a gift and opportunity and should be seen that way…

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