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Daily Leadership Thought #62 – Your Vibe Matters

November 30, 2010

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The vibe you create when you walk into a room matters.  You can either bring positive energy, negative energy, or no energy at all.  You can make people feel good about themselves and the work they are doing OR make them feel anxious, inadequate, and afraid.  Leaders often have little perception of the emotional wake they leave behind following their interactions (or lack thereof).   People will naturally look up to you and pay close attention to your moods, mannerisms, and overall attitude.  They believe they know who is in your favor and guess who is not and are constantly trying to figure out where they stand in this regard.  One of a leader’s primary responsibilities is to create an environment where people thrive, and excellent work gets done.   Never forget that you are always on stage and have an audience.  You set the tone and vibe and everything else just follows your lead.