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Leadership Thought #323 – Are You Just Going Through The Motions?

March 23, 2012

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If a leader is not properly motivated, then it will eventually trickle down throughout the organization.  We all look to our leaders for both inspiration and direction.  Every organization must maintain a certain edge in this regard and must continually fight complacency.  It is hard to stay on top.  You must never accept the status quo or rest on your laurels.  High performing leaders are never just going through the motions.  They show up to work every day with a sense of purpose and a responsibility to do what is needed and what is right.  They don’t need other people or external factors to force them into action.  They are self-motivated to build the best possible organization they can.

I am a firm believer in the concept that once you have worked the kinks out of your operation, it should run smoothly.  Success in business doesn’t have to be hard to maintain if you stay focused, committed, and disciplined about what it takes to keep you there.  You can have work-life balance!

However, until you have served every customer who could benefit from your products or services, or every employee has reached their full potential, then you still have work to do.   Once you take your “eye off the ball” and get distracted by other things, like pleasure pursuits and non-core business activities, you run the risk of eroding the foundation of your success model.  Many leaders have suffered the consequences of losing interest in what made them thrive in the first place.

Professional and personal reinvention is a good thing.  You never want to get stale or bored with your role.  There are many opportunities to grow and develop within the context of what you are already doing.  You don’t have to look far to find something important that requires your attention.  No excuse justifies simply going through the motions.  If you find yourself stuck in a rut or uninspired go on a personal retreat, join a peer group, attend leadership development seminars, read a top business book or magazine, attend industry conferences, and spend more time with your customers and employees.  I guarantee you that the opportunities for inspiration abound if you just take the time to uncover them.  If you try all this and it still doesn’t work, then step aside or sell the company because it’s time for you to move on.