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How You Change the Game at Work: It’s All About People

December 18, 2023

Leadership is all about how you affect other people.

In the business world, we’re always chasing big goals, the next innovative breakthrough, and game-changing strategies. But you know what really counts at the end of the day? It’s how we make people feel, how we help them grow, and the positive “can do” energy we spread around the office.

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Think about it: When you chat with someone at work, are you the breath of fresh air they need? Do they walk away from your desk feeling like they can take on the world? That’s the stuff that makes a real leader stand out, not just the numbers on a spreadsheet.

We’ve all been told to look out for number one, climb that ladder, get that corner office. But if you’re only playing the game for yourself, it can get pretty lonely at the top. I’ve seen it happen – folks who only play for their own score end up wondering why nobody’s cheering for them.

So, what if we flipped the script every morning? Ask yourself: Who can I help today? Who can I give a high-five to for a job well done? It doesn’t take much. A quick “good job” here, a “I’ve got your back” there, and you start changing the dynamic.  Always remember, you’re not just a boss – you’re a leader.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the constant bad news and the office politics. But be the person who bucks the trend. When everyone else is quick to point out mistakes, be the one who’s spotting the wins. Look for what’s right with your team, department, or company.  That’s how you build a group that’s fired up and ready to win.

Business leadership can be a complicated challenge, but making a positive dent in someone’s day? That’s as simple as it gets. It could be your family, your best buddy, the new intern, or the guy who’s been in the next cubicle for years. They all matter.

Remember, what you do at work isn’t just about hitting KPIs or closing deals. It’s about building a team that’s all in it together, where everyone feels like they’re part of something bigger. So, let’s not make it all about the race to the top – let’s also make it about the people who help us get there. Because when you lift others up, you’re not just changing their day; you’re changing the game.